Our mission and history

Our mission

Qualiphar products make the consumer healthier, respond to a specific desire or increase his quality of life.

Qualiphar is a strong and independent player in the Belgian market. At the same time we are further developing our export activities. We make the most of opportunities.

We are pleased to offer our services, knowhow and experience to third parties. Every day we see how we can further improve the quality and cost efficiency of production for third parties. In this way we position ourselves as a strong and customer-friendly partner and build up stable long-term relations.

A concise history

Qualiphar was founded in 1937 by Mrs Wijnand and Dr Studer. Qualiphar originally made over-the-counter medications exclusively. The aim was to alleviate the difficult work of pharmacists. Thus the tagline ‘From pharmacists, for pharmacists.’

In 1970 the Verlinden family took over Qualiphar. The range was substantially expanded and the company experienced robust growth as a producer for third parties. Due to major investments in logistics, Qualiphar was able to deliver quickly and efficiently in the Benelux area.

With its own R&D division, Qualiphar has also worked continuously ever since on new products.

In 2000 Qualiphar took over Gifrer in France. The company broke through internationally when it established an export division in 2006.

Member of Bachi

Qualiphar is a member of Bachi. Bachi is the Belgian umbrella organisation for the over-the-counter medications and healthcare products industry, and looks after its interests.

Bachi strives to promote and recognise the added value of these products. The products have a positive effect on the health and quality of life of the consumer and real socioeconomic value for society.

The president and cofounder of Bachi is Marc Verlinden, the managing director of Qualiphar.


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